Client: Blue Plate / Duffy

Working closely with the teams at Blue Plate, Duffy and The Social Lights, we created the Fuel Good Machine. The kiosk lets restaurant-goers cast their vote on a variety of subject matters by depositing a token they receive at a meal's end into the slot in the machine that corresponds with their choice. When not actively interacting with users, the screen displays pertinent social media and other custom content authored in the mobile administrative application.

After testing several prototypes, we fabricated the final physical structure of the Fuel Good Machine with the help of the good people at the Science Museum of Minnesota. The slots are equipped with IR breakbeam sensors to register when a token has been deposited. The kiosk changes from it's passive mode of displaying relevant social media and custom content to it's active vote-counting mode when motion is detected in front of the machine by the installed ultrasonic rangefinder.

The Fuel Good Machine debuted at The Patio Party at Longfellow Grill on September 16th, 2015. Visitors of the restuarant had the opportunity to vote for which local nonprofit organization Blue Plate would make a donation to. After a successful run counting thousands of votes for charity, it moved to the 3 Squares restaurant in Maple Grove.